top-rating desktop sticky notes for Windows

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Worried about forgetting things?

TurboNote+ desktop sticky notes help keep you on track, whether it's reminders about your dental appointment or a quick heads-up message to staff about a morning meeting.

This trim, easy-to-use program makes your life easier. Keep important information at your fingertips, set up reminders and alarms, colour-code your notes for different subjects, avoid email bottlenecks with TurboNote+ messaging.

Try it — you can use the fully functional latest version free for a month. (Helpful download instructions here). Works with all current Windows versions and those of the past decade or more.

Save just 12 minutes a day — like most of our users — and you'll pay for TurboNote+ in only two weeks. (Check out the time and money you'll save with our easy calculator.)

What to do with all the paper notes you'll no longer need...