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Free utility — TurboSR Search and Replace

This little stand-alone search and replace utility is very handy if you need to make changes to a whole range of text, HTML, XML or other text-based files:

TurboSR Search and Recovery

TurboSR can search one or more folders on your computer for specific files (e.g. *.htm) and show you the existing text in context, allowing you to accept or skip changes as you see fit:

TurboSR Search and Recovery

Used wisely, it can save you hours of work and typing mistakes.

Download a copy today (350KB).

No need to install TurboSR — just save it whereever you like, then run it from that location. The first time you run TurboSR, it will create a shortcut in your Start menu's Accessories folder.

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TurboNote v6
Check out the latest version of TurboNote+ onscreen sticky notes:
  • Calendar to organise your daily schedule
  • Note Manager to manage notes more efficiently
  • Rich text editing, note templates and styles
  • One-keystroke image capture
  • Images and backgrounds on notes
  • Bullets, tickable checkboxes and emoticons
  • Password-protected notes
  • One-click access to Google search, currency conversion and translation
  • Notes can automatically appear when a particular document or URL is opened
  • Enhanced note transmission, including scheduled transmission
  • And much more

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