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Eazy Backup

Eazy BackupNo-one ever wants a hard disk to crash, but it happens. We all know we should backup more often, but it's not usually easy to do and all-too-easy to forget.

We've been impressed with Eazy Backup, an intelligent backup and restore utility which know where the critical data is, what needs to be included, and where to restore it to. (It now includes TurboNote support, giving you an extra line of defence)

Free trial here.

Mailwasher Pro

Mailwasher Pro

Stop Spam

Mailwasher Pro — a direct, easy way to filter and stop unwanted spam. Free download here.

We've been using MailWasher for over a year now with great results!

Virus Filter
From the makers of Mailwasher, comes another handy product. Benign filters out incoming viruses, even ones not written yet!

Try it from here.

TurboNote Relay Server

TurboNote Relay Server Logo
If you want to send TurboNotes between different offices, or across firewalls, TRS is for you. v2.2 just released

Free trial or upgrade from here.

Workpace RSI/OOS Software

If you're at your computer too many hours a day, you can help prevent RSI with WorkPace, a sophisticated breaks reminder and exercise tool, which also lets you analyse how much you use the computer. Try it out free here.

"I've been trialing Workpace for a couple of weeks now — no migraines yet and my neck and shoulders feel sooo much better!"
Jo Drysdall, Daily Editor, Business Daily Review


Protect your computers with KeyGhostPeace of mind comes from knowing what's been going through your computer. Keyghost provides a hardware solution for storing all the keystrokes. Great as an extra backup, as a key logger for fraud investigations or for additional computer security.

Keyghost holds up to two million keystrokes, orabout a year's worth of typing, and cannot be tanpered with.

Free download here.


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