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Do productivity increases generate economic gains?

Yes, according to highly respected Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen:

"Averaged over a lot of people over a lot of days, one or two minutes saved per task adds up to a substantial number of additional tasks being performed."

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TurboNote+ is a great choice for desktop deployment, saving time and money for the organization as a whole. (We know, we use it ourselves!). See why TurboNote+ does better than any other sticky note program available.

We know you can save time and money with TurboNote+ by working more efficiently and effectively. Our users say they save an average of 12 minutes a day through faster communications, quicker access to important files and URLs, no more time spent hunting lost information.

If your organization has 100 staff, who can save just 10 minutes daily using TurboNote+, you could be saving $65,000 a year and pay for your 100-user license in just one week!

See our handy calculator to see how the savings work out for you with TurboNote+ on your organization's standard desktop.

How Business People Are Using TurboNote+

We know TurboNote+ has been useful in encouraging better work practices, reducing stress, enhancing productivity and assisting corporate change. Here are some examples of how it can help businesses:

People were really resistant to using the schedule system we had installed. It was very good, but took a bit of practice to learn, so no-one bothered. They've been much quicker to take up TurboNote+ because it is simple and easy to understand, so we've gone with that instead. It helped that we got a lot more features for a much cheaper multi-seat license too!

We wanted to reduce the amount of "to-do" jobs — the non-critical but nonetheless important ones — that got forgotten. We use TurboNote+ to provide reminders to different teams and team members. The network support and scheduling features are very helpful in this regard.

You can send everyone on the network a note first thing in the morning to remind them of the day's specials offers.

The [TurboNote+] Relay Server lets us send fast notes to the office across town even through the firewall.

When you're spread over a couple of floors, it's great to have something that you know your workmate is going to see appear on their desktop. Means you're more likely to get action than it sitting in amongst a bunch of internal emails.

"Terrific!" I installed it, five minutes later I knew I couldn't do without it. Now everyone in the office uses it, and we send notes back and forth — way quicker and easier than email!

The best communicating software within an organisation, working like a mail server. Thanks to all concerned persons.

This is the most practical, useful desktop utility I've installed It should be installed as a standard!

Why no identifiers? Frankly, what with automated spiders and robots and all scouring the Web for names and email addresses, we're reluctant to compromise the privacy of our enthusiastic users. So we have chosen not to add names and email addresses to these comments. If you'd like to talk directly with a sample of users, we do have email addresses we can provide of people who are happy to talk about their experiences with TurboNote. Just ask us (no spammers need apply!).

Organization Profile

The communications, security and convenience factors TurboNote+ offers make it ideally suited for use in a corporate or office environment, whether you're a national retailer, a service-based company, an education provider, a government department or any business which involves:

  • many computers on-site
  • dedicated workstations for staff members
  • high information flows and multi-tasking work practices
  • frequent exchange of information between individuals
  • offices spread throughout a building or in multiple locations (TurboNote Relay Server)

Your Benefits, TurboNote+ Features

You'll find a lot of benefits from TurboNote's great features:

BenefitsRelated features
quick and easy memory aid"Stay on top" notes, custom colours, find function
fast access to informationQuick Launch for URLs, files, emails
hassle-free time managementscheduling and alarms
cost-effective communicationsinstant messaging and TurboNote Relay Server
intuitively easy-to-usedrop-down menus, simple shortcuts
robust, reliable memoryautosave, auto back-up, restore
quick exchange of informationnetwork sending, email sending

Examples of Corporate Use

You can save time and money using TurboNote+. Here are some examples:

A retail chain uses TurboNote+ to:

  • broadcast daily changes in pricing/discounts
  • remind staff of special offers or drives
  • track returns to quickly identify any problem products
  • communicate between different departments or stores

A travel agent uses TurboNote+ to:

  • keep track of phone messages and booking status
  • schedule reminders of offer and payment deadlines
  • provide fast access to frequently used Web sites or files
  • quickly calculate travel costs on the same note as the customer's other details

A medical clinic uses TurboNote+ to:

  • make quick notes for later transfer into administrative or patient records
  • assist patient hand-over during shift changes
  • track stocking requirements
  • communicate between rooms and reception
  • remind staff of locums or new procedures

A software development firm uses TurboNote+ to:

  • keep track of pieces of useful code
  • remember important project files
  • check things quickly with development team members (some in different countries)
  • keep client contact information at their fingertips

Business users also benefit from:

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