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TurboNote+ v7.0
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Advanced User Guide

This 46-page guide is great for users and network administrators of both TurboNote+ and TurboNote Relay Server.

The valuable hints and in-depth information will help you to work more quickly, easily and effectively, whether during installation, network deployment or day-to-day use. You'll even find out how to control TurboNote+ from other programs, and how to send or receive notes from your own applications!

Now in its fifth edition, the downloadable guide is normally $US4.50 but is provided free of charge when you buy a TurboNote+ license for 5 or more users. It is also free with TRS Office Edition.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 Special Features for Power Users

2.0 Ten great time-savers
2.1 Working with "Send to" list entries
2.2 Controlling TurboNote+ from another program
2.3 TurboNote+ backup file format (DTD)
2.4 Sending notes to TurboNote+ or TRS from another program
2.5 Receiving notes from TurboNote+

3 Special Features for Network Administrators

3.1 Installing TurboNote+ on multiple computers or on a shared network folder
3.2 Auto-registering TurboNote+ on multiple computers
3.3 Propagating "Send to" list entries to multiple computers
3.4 Forcing notes to be sent via TurboNote Relay Server

4. TurboNote Relay Server Documentation

4.1 What is TurboNote Relay Server?
4.2 TRS Personal vs TRS Office
4.3 Registering TRS Office
4.4 General Settings
4.5 Sounds
4.6 Groups
4.7 Advanced Settings
4.8 Queue Manager and Archive Manager
4.9 Aliases
4.10 Status dialog
4.11 Communicating between the Internet and a private network
4.12 Communicating between two networks
4.13 Communicating between many networks
4.14 Dynamic IP Registration

5 Troubleshooting

5.1 Troubleshooting Installation and Registration
5.2 Troubleshooting Communications
5.3 Disaster recovery

The manual is a 360K PDF file -- you will need to have Adobe Acrobat reader installed to view and print it. This is available for free download from:

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