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Praise from users

An example of how a small real-world idea can be re-born as a serious business application

This is the most practical, useful desktop utility I've installed It should be installed as a standard!

This is an awesome program!

Love it!


Awesome product!

Nifty little program you have here! :)

Excellent tool! I use it more than any other program I've ever purchased!!


It's excellent

Neat program. Thank you for your time to create it.

Absolutely fabulous.. the most useful and most used "gadget" on my home computer. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the personal tech support. Turbonote is the most used program in our small dental office. I have managed medical offices for over 20 years and have never had any software that I've used more and depended on more than this. I could not perform my job without it.

I use TurboNote at work at it is great! I e-mailed it home so we could use it here.

My Friend gave wonderful reviews of Turbo Note so thought I would give it a try

I love it!!! I use it to jot down notes when I talk to sales prospects on the phone and when I call them back I have down in front of me exactly what interests the client has and can continue from there.

I have used it before and love it...I had to come back and download it again after my hard drive freaked out on me and erased it.

Excelente herramienta para notas breves y recordatorio.

I find Turbonote very useful & honestly, I have been quite dependent on it. Hope you keep me updated for any new versions & anything new with Turbonote. Job well done to you guys & keep up the good work!!!

It is very easy to install and application is very user friendly. I liked the software very much. I am suggesting to all my friends.

I love it.

A friend said this is real good one

terrific program

I have used the old version for about six months and I wouldn't like to be without it now. I am now going to download the new version. Thank you very much for a really useful program.

Have tried lots of similar programs but your product is the most stable, easy-to-use and practical product I've found.

Best thing I ever downloaded!

I cannot give TurboNote enough praise. It really needs to be used to be believed! There are so many features to choose from, giving the user plenty of options, allowing full control. It's the first mini note package that's worked without a hitch.

I really like TurboNote. I have tried other ones and always come back to TurboNote.

I've sent family and friends a copy! very handy, tidy, and easy. Thanks

Recommended by

"Terrific!" I installed it, five minutes later I knew I couldn't do without it. Now everyone in the office uses it, and we send notes back and forth — way quicker and easier than email!

Don't know what I ever did without it, apart from have a monitor with a yellow sticky necklace !!! Great Program.

It's a great application!!


Five stars plus program

I received it from a colleague when I was with my previous job. Finds it very useful. now that I have changed job, I would like to have it too.

I find Turbonote to be a very useful program. If you find something today that is this useful, you should consider yourself very lucky.

Wonderful tool. Thanks

I'm very pleased with what TurboNote has to offer.

everything very good!!!!!

great program...I'm showing my boss

Great - - - - use it all the time !!!

Hard to get the team using it, but once we do they don't want to give it up :>

Super Program. Started using it from the day I first downloaded it. I love it.

TurboNote is Brilliant

Excellent program and I use it constantly.

It is one of the most enjoyable, light and useful programs ever. Thank you.

I love this solves all my memo problems.

Excellent product! No one is even close for practicality and ease of use.

TurboNote+ is THE best program of its kind (I've tried 'em all!)

I have used this before and think its fab! Great idea - really useful and perfectly designed. Well done.

This is a really great product and I just wanted to pass along my congratulations for a great innovative product that works well! I intend to keep it on my computer and continue using it. Very helpful... wanted sticky notes, but never really found one that worked well enough... until TurboNote.

This is the most innovative stuff I have seen for some time

It is one of the best noteapps around

One of the most useful tools I have seen. Excellent & useful!!

 () ()
(=.=) Happy Day...

The last version is very good

NICE! thanks for this program!

Wonderful product....I have used it since the beginning of my computer experience, not that long ago, tried others and always came back!

gave it to some more colleagues who find it useful as reminders

These are great, ever since I was told to clean up my desk these have kept me out of trouble!!

cool as hell

Works Great! fantastic...!

Very nice program. Simple, but very useful. Great for reminders.

Pretty neat :)

I am updating from version 1.5. This is a very handy and useful application. Thank You! nice & cool tool !!

Love the program, and have passed it to many friends.

It's really a good one and easy to use.

when I saw TurboNote on my co-worker's system, I found it extremely handy, a great help; especially for people, like me, who often forget things.

Brilliant. PC's are priceless additions to any home but the software that can be obtained keeps my office at home much more tidy then it has in years. Thanks for the ideas all you computer people have. People like me love an easy life. Thanks again.

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