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TurboNote+ Protected Note Recovery Service

It can happen to anyone. You protect some important information with a password, then forget your password. Our Protected Note Recovery Service offers you the security of knowing that you'll always be able to recover protected notes, provided you pass certain identity and security checks first.

If you've forgotten your current password, or you have notes you've protected with an earlier password which you've now forgotten, this service will allow you to get your valuable data back. Read on!

Important privacy note: the passwords you use for TurboNote+ note protection are never actually stored by TurboNote+, nor are they identified by our computer systems or staff if you use this Recovery Service. The service has been carefully designed so that we can provide you with the means of unlocking your notes without having to know your original password(s).

The service consists of two stages, both optional:

  • Immediate Recovery: this gives you a quick means to recover ALL notes protected with your current password. Cost: US$ 5.00.

  • Old-Note Recovery: this lets you recover notes you may have protected earlier using a different password. This requires manual intervention and typically takes 1-2 working days per request. You will be able to unlock all the notes covered by the old password, but you would have to make a separate request if you had other notes protected by a different password. Cost: $US 15.00 per request.

In neither case will you incur a cost before we have confirmed that we can provide the information you are seeking.

To begin with, please enter the EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USED WHEN YOU REGISTERED YOUR COPY OF TURBONOTE. Since this will be used to advise you of your recovery key, this must match the ORIGINAL email address. If you have had multiple email addresses, please try the most likely possibilities first, before using the checkbox provided to contact us for personal support.

ORIGINAL Email address:
  The above email address is no longer valid, OR I cannot quite recall the address I used at the time — I need to contact TurboNote+ Security Administration
I am certain I already know my current password, so I will be needing to use the Old-note Recovery Service right away